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Close to Home Foster Care Program: Provides foster care service under contract with the Broome County Department of Social Services for Broome County children who are in need of out of home foster family placement. Close to Home provides a safe and nurturing family environment for children and adolescents who have been separated from their families often due to abuse or neglect. Services are also provided to other NYS counties who have contracts with the Children’s Home.

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids: The Children’s Home is part of Wendy’s Wonderful Kids, a nationwide program with the goal of placing foster care children who are free for adoption in permanent adoptive homes. The program is funded through a grant from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. The grant supports an adoption recruiter who uses aggressive child-focused recruitment strategies targeted exclusively on placing foster care children with loving, adoptive families.

Adoption/Homefinding: Adoption services are provided for children who have been freed for adoption and reside in foster homes certified by the Children’s Home. Staff prepare youth for adoption through education and counseling, work with the child’s foster parents and work to eliminate any barriers to adoption. Staff also searches for an adoptive home for the child and matches the child and the prospective adoptive parents if foster parents are not a viable option.  Adoption/Homefinding staff works in close collaboration with the Broome County Department of Social Services.

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Close to Home Foster Care Program:

Kathy Gentile, Director

607-772-6904 ext. 2134

Wendy’s Wonderful Kids

Bob Carello, Adoption Recruiter

607-772-6904 ext. 2215



Aliscia Gaucher, Director

607-772-6904 ext 2285