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Supervised Independent Living Program

The Supervised Independent Living Program (SILP) is the final phase before complete independence from placement. The program includes a Parent/Child program and Supportive Housing components.

Adolescents are provided with support and assistance in transitioning to total independence. SILP has a focus of responsibility on the youth, with a philosophy of learning by doing. The program provides youth with a subsidized community-based apartment while teaching life skills necessary to achieve independence through a skills-based approach. It can include short-term housing for youth displaced due to loss of housing and/or youth who are away at college and in need of a residence during breaks.

While in SILP, residents have graduated from high school, obtained GEDs and attended college.

Success Story

"Jeanne" had spent the majority of her life in the foster care system and was interested in a permanent living situation in the community where she could establish her life and enhance her independent living skills.
SILP was the right place for Jeanne.
Jeanne is now 20 years old, maintains community employment and will begin her second year of college in the fall.

Parent-Child SILP

Another aspect of this program is our Parent-Child Supervised Independent Living Program.

This program provides services to young teenage mothers or fathers and their children. The young parent lives in a subsidized apartment with the child, under the supervision of staff who guide her in caring for herself and the child. A structured, nurturing living environment is provided in which daily program routines help to establish a sense of security through consistency.