Residential - Community

Boys' Group Home

This community-based group living situation offers a supervised environment in which adolescent male ages 13 to 21 can grow and better develop educational, behavioral, independent living and socialization skills. The Group Home also serves as a transitional placement for those boys leaving a structured institution who are not ready to return to a less structured foster home, home or independent living situation. Staff teach life skills, and provide supervision and direction in a positive non -institutional living environment. The residents must participate in a school, work or vocational training program.

While residing at the Group Home, youth attend and participate in public schools, school sports and extra-curricular activities, GED programs, vocational programs, work full or part time, and volunteer within the community.

Residents work toward their goals of returning home, adoption, or independent apartment living. Those seeking apartment living work closely with a transitional case manager and staff of the Supervised Independent Living Program in preparation for independence.

Through numerous activities and advocacy programs, families are encouraged and supported in the involvement of treatment and reunification of the youth. While residing at the Boys' Group Home, several young men have graduated from high school, received their GED, began college, obtained employment and maintained productive, successful lifestyles.

Success Story

"Steven" entered foster care as a young child. He spent several years in foster homes and residential programs. Two years ago, he was transitioned into the Boys' Group Home where he is focusing on obtaining independent living skills.